Facebook Warns Investors That Libra Stablecoin May Never Launch

Facebook Warns Investors That Libra Stablecoin May Never Launch

Facebook has warned its investors that its Libra stablecoin may never be released, CNBC reports  on July 29.

Engaging with regulator “critical to Libra’s success”

Facebook told its investors in its latest quarterly report that — while the firm expects to launch Libra next year — some factors could prevent its release. Iin the risk factors section of the document, the company admits that it recognizes the significance of the pushback shown by regulators towards Libra.

CNBC also reported that a Facebook spokesperson told the outlet on Monday that:

“Engaging with regulators, policymakers, and experts is critical to Libra’s success. This was the whole reason that Facebook along with other members of the Libra Association shared our plans early.”

Libra piques criticism and interest

Earlier this month, Alexander Lipton, a connection science fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and adjunct professor of mathematics at New York University, has claimed that Libra’s white paper copied concepts for a coin proposed in his academic work.

Also, earlier this month online brokerage Monex Group Inc., owner of the hacked Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck, announced that the company plans to join the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency project and had filed an application to join the Libra Association.

2% of Americans Trust Facebook’s Libra More than Bitcoin: Research

2% of Americans Trust Facebook’s Libra More than Bitcoin: Research

Just 2% of Americans trust Facebook’s Libra more than major cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), according to a recent survey by CivicScience.

United States-based polling company CivicScience recently conducted a survey of 1,799 American adults to find out the general trends and public concerns over Facebook’s not-yet-launched cryptocurrency Libra.

According to research results released on July 22, at least 40% of respondents claimed that they trusted Libra less than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH) and XRP. 35% stressed that they trust Libra much less than Bitcoin, according to the study.

39% of respondents stated that they were unsure regarding the question, while 5% answered that they trust Libra and Bitcoin about the same.

How much Americans trust Facebook’s Libra compared to Bitcoin

How much Americans trust Facebook’s Libra compared to Bitcoin. Source: CivicScience

77% of Americans do not trust Facebook with their personal data at all

Americans’ attitudes toward Libra are part of a general lack of trust in Facebook regarding how the platform handles personal data. According to the CivicScience research, 77% of Americans do not trust Facebook with their personal data at all, while only 2% trust Facebook a lot.

How Americans trust Facebook with their personal data

How Americans trust Facebook with their personal data. Source: CivicScience

86% of Americans are not interested in Facebook’s Libra and its accompanying digital wallet Calibra at all, while only 5% of respondents claim that they are interested in the much-discussed cryptocurrency project.

How Americans are interested in Facebook’s Libra

How Americans are interested in Facebook’s Libra. Source: CivicScience

Other surveys indicate low trust in Facebook’s Libra

CivicScience’s poll comes amid a similar survey by instant messaging application Viber, which found that 49% of respondents in the United Kingdom and the United States do not trust Facebook when it comes to its own digital currency.

On July 23, German financial association Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende published another survey indicating that about 71% of German citizens are skeptical about Facebook’s Libra, while only 12% welcome it.

No Companies Have Officially Joined Libra Association Says Visa CEO

No Companies Have Officially Joined Libra Association Says Visa CEO

Alfred F. Kelly Jr., the CEO of Visa, said that no companies have officially joined Libra. At this stage, the 20-some companies involved with the foundation have reportedly only declared interest via a nonbinding letter of intent.

According to an apparent transcript of a Q3 2019 earnings call for Visa dated July 23, Kelly said:

“We have signed a nonbinding letter of intent to join Libra. We’re one of – I think it’s 27 companies that have expressed that interest. So no one has yet officially joined.”

As per the transcript, Kelly was responding to an inquiry from Bryan C. Keane — an analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities. Keane said there was “some confusion in the market” and asked whether Libra would be “a strategic partner for Visa or potential disruptive threat.”

Regarding Visa’s intended involvement, Kelly said that the company thinks Libra would benefit the company, provided that it can meet regulatory requirements:

“We’re in discussions and our ultimate decision to join will be determined by a number of factors, including obviously the ability of the association to satisfy all the requisite regulatory requirements. So, Bryan, in my estimation, it’s really, really early days and there’s just a tremendous amount to be finalized. But obviously, given that we’ve expressed interest, we actually believe we could be additive and helpful in the association.”

Libra has been criticized for its choice to entrust its governance to a consortium of corporate entities. On June 14, cryptographer Sarah Jamie Lewis wrote:

“Can’t wait for a cryptocurrency with the ethics of Uber, the censorship resistance of Paypal, and the centralization of Visa, all tied together under the proven privacy of Facebook.”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also called Libra a “currency controlled by an undemocratically-selected coalition of largely massive corporations” and challenged Calibra head David Marcus’ views on sovereign currency in one of the recent congressional hearings on Libra.

Nearing Alt Season as Bitcoin Dominance Weakens

Nearing Alt Season as Bitcoin Dominance Weakens

An alt season (altcoin season) is something that virtually all crypto traders look forward to. It is a time where all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin exponentially grow in value. From large caps to small caps, these digital coins can rise anywhere by 2x to 150x. If you’re finding the previous statement difficult to believe, that’s likely because you were not around the last time these crypto tokens pumped.

A crypto trader who goes by ‘Crypto Hedge‘ on YouTube has a reason for that. In a series of tweets, the analyst revealed why there hasn’t been an alt season in nearly two years and why we’re due for one soon.

Total Altcoin Market Cap Following the Same Pattern for Over Half a Decade

One of the tenets of technical analysis is that history tends to repeat itself. What happened in the past is very likely to happen again. We’re seeing this principle play out in the chart of the total altcoin market cap thanks to Crypto Hedge.

According to the trader, the total market cap has been trading perfectly within an ascending channel. Since 2014, the altcoin index has bounced every single time it touched the diagonal support of the channel. It has also plunged every time it tapped the diagonal resistance of the channel. In a span of six years, the index has respected both the support and resistance levels of the ascending channel five times.

The trader emphasized that the total altcoin market cap is touching the diagonal support of the ascending channel. He feels confident that an alt season will happen soon because the index has followed the pattern five out of five times.

Weakening Bitcoin Dominance

Crypto Hedge validates his argument by illustrating how the bitcoin dominance index is showing signs of weakness. For those who are not aware, the index computes the market capitalization of bitcoin against the market cap of all cryptocurrencies. According to the analyst, the bitcoin dominance index getting rebuffed at 69 percent is an indication that the total altcoin market cap will be skyrocketing soon.

As of this writing, the bitcoin dominance index has dropped to 65.73 percent as bitcoin struggles to trade above $10,000 levels. A look at the index also shows bullish exhaustion. It is overbought in both the weekly and daily RSI. On top of that, the index is flashing a bearish divergence on the daily RSI to indicate weakening bullish momentum.

Bitcoin Dominance

Overall, a Glorious Alt Season Is Upon Us

As the bitcoin dominance index shows weakness while the total altcoin market cap touches the diagonal support of its ascending channel, we now have a confluence of events where altcoins are due for a massive rally. That’s according to Crypto Hedge.

Bottom Line

Crypto Hedge is offering a convincing argument of how crypto tokens other than bitcoin are almost ready for blastoff. It is hard to deny that a bounce for altcoins is on the horizon considering that the diagonal support of the horizon has been respected multiple times. On top of that, bitcoin is starting to lose steam. It is very possible that people will transfer capital into other cryptocurrencies to protect their profits and overall crypto exposure.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice.

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Best Small Cap Altcoins to Invest in for 2019


Although the 2018 bear market discouraged many investors from entering the crypto space, the current bull run is proving that cryptocurrency still has plenty of value and potential to offer those who seek quick profits.

If you persevered through the crypto winter and weren’t persuaded by the fickle bandwagon investors who sold off their crypto assets for fear that the bubble had burst, you may be in a good position to start investing in small cap altcoins again. With history typically repeating itself, there’s a good chance that we’ll see an altcoin resurrection close to what we experienced in 2017.

Sure, investing in small cap altcoins is a risky endeavor (if you don’t conduct your due diligence, you stand the risk of losing your investment), but taking a calculated risk can result in a huge payday.

If you look back at the early days of the internet, no one would have thought that companies like Google and Amazon would grow to become the largest tech companies to date.

Such is the case with certain small cap cryptocurrencies (on a much smaller scale that is) that have the potential for 25x or even 50x growth in value within the next few years. Most of these cryptocurrencies have innovative applications looking to solve real world problems.

In this article, I’ll be going over 7 of the best small cap altcoins to invest in for 2019.

Despite most of the relatively new projects in this list, the coins reviewed here either have experienced high adoption or have strong institutional backing. Although some of these projects may not have a final product yet, they have been able to keep up with their roadmaps through regular development updates and beta releases.

Now, let’s get into it.

Disclaimer: This article is NOT investment advice.

Elastos (ELA)

elastos cryptocurrency coin review altcoinElastos is creating “a new kind of Internet powered by blockchain technology.” Within this decentralized internet, users will be able to earn from their content. Film creators, article writers, and game creators all stand to benefit from this new World Wide Web.

Elastos is also a network-based operating system that uses blockchain technology to issue smart contracts, run DApps, and implement peer-to-peer storage as well as transfer of digital assets.

Why Should You Invest in Elastos?

In our fast paced tech world, innovation is key to the survival of any venture. Elastos is one of the most innovative blockchain projects out there. Rather than ignoring some of the vulnerabilities of the web (like what most blockchain projects do), Elastos has created a “smart internet” capable of removing all possible threats found within our current internet protocol. This allows the possibility of creating enterprise level DApps that can support millions of users while performing complex tasks.

On most decentralized platforms, transactions and DApps run on the same network, which often puts a strain on the main blockchain. Elastos has created a fast and secure network by splitting it’s blockchain into two. Transactions run on the main blockchain while DApps and smart contracts are executed on the side blockchain. No other cryptocurrency has achieved such a feat.

Elastos is also backed by many high-profile organizations, including the Chinese central government, Tsinghua University of China, and Foxconn. It also has a team of Rock star advisors and developers, which has helped to build the coin’s credibility.

At the time of writing, Elastos was priced at $3.70 or 0.00040378 BTC per coin, making it a fairly moderately priced investment in relation to low cap altcoins.

Skycoin (SKY)

skycoin cryptocurrency coin review altcoin tokenSkycoin has built a platform that is giving control of the internet back to the people. When the current version of the internet was created, there were a few shortcomings including the lack of a native payment system, lack of privacy protection, and censorship provisions that allowed governments to restrict certain types of content.

Skycoin has solved these issues by creating a platform where every person has equal access to the internet.

With Skycoin, you don’t have to go through an ISP for internet connection. You can use SKY tokens to purchase access to the internet through the sky ecosystem.

If you’re living in a country with extreme government censorship, the Skycoin decentralized internet could be the perfect solution. The ecosystem isn’t controlled by any government or company, meaning your activity can’t be tracked, which guarantees you full privacy.

Why Should You Invest in Skycoin?

Skycoin is one of the most attractive blockchain projects to invest in currently. In the near future, access to internet services will be a basic human right. Skycoin is trying to promote this reality through its decentralized internet.

In places where internet access is still expensive, Skycoin will be a welcome innovation. The decentralized internet is also likely to find increased adoption in countries where there is rampant government censorship.

Another reason why Skycoin makes for a worthy investment is the fact that the project has created a decentralized software ecosystem. Launched in April 2018, the Skycoin ecosystem is made up of different projects including Skywallet, which is a safe and inexpensive hardware wallet that users can also use to exchange Skycoin for Bitcoin, Other projects on the ecosystem are Fiber, a platform that other companies can use to launch their blockchain projects, Skyminer, and Skywire.

Skycoin has also been around the crypto space since 2011, making it one of the oldest coins around. Its founders are some of the earliest Bitcoin and Ethereum contributors.

If you’re tired of blockchain platforms with big promises and no product to show, Skycoin is the project for you. Their technology is unmatched, a team of experienced blockchain veterans back them, and with a current price of $1.63 per coin (at the time of writing), this is an investment opportunity that you don’t want to miss.


luxcore cryptocurrency coin review altcoin tokenOne of the most common problems in the crypto industry is the lack of highly customizable blockchain solutions fit for enterprises, institutions, and end users. Luxcore has developed an industry agnostic decentralized solution that makes it easy for businesses and institutions to integrate blockchain ready features and products into their practices.

The industry agnostic blockchain ecosystem will help to reduce the high costs of decentralization as well as help to simplify some of the barriers to entry that enterprises, end users, and institutions face when looking to integrate blockchain technology.

Why Should You Invest in Luxcore?

Luxcore recently released their 2019 roadmap, and there’s a lot to be excited about. One of the most exciting features is the upcoming release of LuxGate, which is a “peer-to-peer cross blockchain platform.”

The interoperability platform set to be released as a beta version in late Q3 or early Q4 of the year will help to facilitate engagement between otherwise incompatible blockchain ecosystems. In simple terms, the platform will allow Zcash blockchain to interact with Monero or Ethereum.

Luxcore also boasts having the first and only PoS-Enabled Web Wallet. Using a static reward system, the wallet equalizes the stalking playing field by allowing all LUX holders who stake, to earn rewards regardless of their total holdings.

If you’re looking for an innovative staking wallet where you don’t have to worry about high energy costs, then Lux is for you. As a staker, you can earn even if your computer is off.,

Currently, no other web wallet performs the same functions as the Luxcore PoS-Enabled Web Wallet.

With a current price of $0.550117 per coin, investing into LUXCore may be one of those calculated gambles that pay off in the near future.

Dent (DENT)

dent cryptocurrency coin review altcoin tokenDent is a blockchain-powered marketplace where users can easily exchange mobile data. The company is looking to revolutionize the telecommunication industry through its innovative approach to data sharing where users can sell off their left-over data to someone else through an all-in-one app.

Through Dent, users will be able to earn from excess MBs. Heavy internet users can also extend their bandwidth by buying extra data bundles at affordable prices. As a token owner, you will also be able to bypass roaming charges.

Why Should You Invest in Dent?

Very few cryptocurrencies have as much real-world traction as Dent. Dent ranks second to BAT with a total of 2 million global users buying and selling mobile data through the network.

The network will mainly benefit people in developing countries where mobile data is costly. The high applicability and adoption of the Dent network in less developed countries will promote an increase in the value of DENT.

Dent has also partnered with major telecommunication companies across the world, which helps to boost the company’s credibility and user base. These companies include

  • India: Airtel
  • USA: AT&T, Verizon
  • Brazil: Vivo, Claro
  • Mexico: America Movil, Telefonica
  • Kenya: Safaricom, Airtel

Dent is also regularly updated with the most recent upgrades being the implementation of a mobile application for both Android and IOS users. This upgrade will promote increased adoption of the app.

Despite being one of the lowest priced cryptocurrencies, Dent is a worthy investment to jump on. Although the massive supply of the coin is a cause for concern, the usefulness of their technology far outweighs such worries.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

enjin cryptocurrency coin review altcoin tokenEnjin coin is a blockchain-powered virtual goods platform meant to be used in the online gaming industry. Enjin Coin was created by Enjin, which is the world largest online gaming community platform.

One of the biggest problems with the current virtual items market place is the lack of trust, which arises from instances of users not receiving their purchased goods. By leveraging the immutability of the decentralized ledger technology, Enjin coin has solved this problem.

Using the decentralized platform, developers and gamers can safely trade virtual items and in-game currencies. Enjin Coin also acts as a crowdsourcing platform where developers can sell in-game items to fund ongoing projects.

Why Should You Invest in ENJ?

Online gaming is big business and is bound to continue growing, especially with the recent explosion of mobile games. Enjin coin is looking to capitalize on this growing industry by being the first project to integrate cryptocurrencies and gaming.

Enjin is also the only coin that brings about real world ownership of in-game currencies and virtual items, which has allowed gamers to earn from their hobbies; therefore, increasing its user base.

Another reason to buy ENJ coin is the fact that the coin is part of the Enjin network, which is the largest gaming community platform. With such a huge backing, Enjin coin is highly poised to exponentially grow in value.

With a network of over 20 million players, ENJ is currently the biggest gaming coin and is bound to continue growing as more users and games move to the blockchain.

Relex (RLX)

relex cryptocurrency coin review altcoin tokenRelex is the world first cryptocurrency-based real estate crowdfunding platform. Users can use the RLX token to buy property or to invest in development projects during the construction phase, which creates opportunities for passive income after the developer starts to distribute profits.

Real estate companies will, in turn, benefit from faster funding as well as a diverse funding pool where no individual investor has an undisputed advantage.

Why Should You Invest in Relex?

Blockchain is poised to revolutionize the real estate industry, and by being among the first cryptocurrencies to find a practical application in real estate, Relex has a great opportunity to be a real market shaker. As an early investor, you stand the chance of enjoying massive returns with this low altcoin.

Unlike some cryptocurrency projects which are all talk and no action, Relex has a working product. The Relex platform has been used to fund development projects in Vietnam.

Relex is also pioneering the nanocoining concept, which is a crowdfunding alternative that allows even average investors to invest in high value, high yield projects that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Through nanocoins, Relex will be able to attract more users which is likely to increase the value of RLX

Beam (BEAM)

enjin cryptocurrency coin review altcoin tokenBeam is a privacy-based cryptocurrency built on the Mimblewimble platform. Mimblewimble is a new blockchain built to allow scalability and increased transaction speeds without compromising privacy. Beam users have full control over their data privacy at zero expense to the performance of the blockchain

Why Should You Invest in Beam?

Unlike other privacy coins which run on the traditional blockchain, Beam is a new age coin and has more chances of scalability and improved transaction speeds. Despite being new to the market, Beam has the potential of competing with other well-established privacy coins such as Monero.

Beam also has various products, both existing and in development. According to the Beam road map, the company is set to release various updates during the year with a major one being expected later in June.

Beam has also received backing from large institutional investors, including Recruit, which is Japan’s version of LinkedIn. Interest from institutional investors signals better days ahead for Beam.

Final Thoughts

Starting the race first doesn’t mean you’ll finish first. Yahoo is a classic example of this in which an internet company that was first to the market with their search engine results, later faded away after more innovative companies started to enter their space (Google). The same may happen with the mentioned low cap altcoins above. However other cryptocurrencies with more innovative uses may surpass mid and high cap coins in the near future. We’re still in the Wild Wild West of the cryptocurrency space at the moment, so anything can happen.

Remember, don’t be a degenerate gambler and invest blindly into these small cap altcoins (or any cryptocurrency for that matter). If you conduct extensive research on a coin and make a sound investment decision based on data and not emotions, your calculated risk will most likely earn you a sizable reward for doing so.

If you have any comments or other coins you think should be added to the list, please comment below.


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Best Micro Cap Coins to Invest in for 2019

If you’re a serious trader, you’re probably enjoying the bull run we’ve been experiencing so far this year. You may even consider adding more coins to your investment portfolio. Chances are you may have heard of lesser known low market cap coins (aka – micro cap coins) which have generated over 100% gains overnight and may be considering investing into one or two of these coins in the foreseeable future.

There’s no doubt that these micro cap coins have been known to generate massive profits, within a relatively short amount of time, for those who trade them wisely. However, you may not be aware of the flip side to these coins. There are countless stories of traders who didn’t do their due diligence and lost a good portion of their capital after investing in a shitcoin.

This may leave you with a dilemma; where you’re considering which micro cap coin is likely to achieve this “so-called” exponential growth and which ones will fade off into the crypto abyss after the hype has faded.

When looking into a solid micro cap coin investment, your first step should be to study the use cases of the cryptocurrency as in most cases, shitcoins have no real world applications.

Also, only invest in cryptocurrencies that either have a product in development as there are many companies out there making empty promises with no product to show for it.

Before investing in a micro cap coin, realize that you can only typically invest in small amounts of capital as opposed to the larger market cap coins (~$200 – $3000). Generally speaking, investing several thousands of dollars into a micro cap coin will prohibit you from exiting the trade when needed, due to its low liquidity. Remember, you always have to have enough buyers and sellers trading a coin to get in and out of a position

Also ensure that the coin’s average 24-hour trading volume is above 4 BTC. You want to make sure that you don’t deposit more than 3% of the average 24 hour trading volume. This will ensure that you can get in and out of the trade whenever you so desire.

Moving on…

After extensive research, I’ve uncovered some of the best micro cap coins to invest in for 2019. Take a look at the recommendations below and as always, do your own due diligence.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing in any coin.

Criteria for Choosing Coins

This list includes both new and established micro cap points with a market cap of below $50 million. The coins that have real world applications and an active development team in either an existing or upcoming industry were given the upmost consideration.

All coins in the list also have strong social media engagement and regular Github updates.

Our Top Micro Cap Coins of 2019

Polymath (POLY)

polymath cryptocurrency securities token platformPolymath is a security token platform where anyone can create and issue digital securities.  It’s like Ethereum, but instead of being a platform for launching utility tokens, it enables security offerings.

Polymath is also a decentralized exchange protocol where investors can buy and sell digital securities.

Why you should keep an eye on Polymath?

Currently, there is no standard for security tokens, and this has made them very difficult to issue. Digital securities are subject to many government regulations which have been a major obstacle to both existing and upcoming securities looking to move over to blockchain.

Polymath has solved this problem using their ST-20 security standard. Like the Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, which promoted a boom in utility tokens, the Polymath ST-20 protocol will be the platform to promote increased use of security tokens.

Currently, over 120 digital securities have been launched through the Polymath ST-20 platform.

The biggest drawback of digital securities is the lack of liquidity due to crypto exchanges refusing to list them. Polymath has solved this problem by partnering with several trading platforms. These partnerships give Polymath a competitive advantage over other security tokens as users can easily convert their Polymath tokens to fiat.

The strategic partnerships, as well as future adoption of the ST-20 protocol as an industry standard, will undoubtedly result in increased interest in POLY.

Team: The Polymath team is made up of 26 individuals with a wide range of professionals including developers, marketers, and business developers.

Github Updates: Very active development page with monthly updates.

Kyber Network (KNC)

kyber network cryptocurrency network reviewHow often do you wish that it was possible to use one token to pay for goods and services across several different platforms? In most cases, platforms only accept their native token for payments, meaning you have to buy and own several tokens in order to use different DApps. As you can imagine, this can be a bit of a daunting task in order to keep up with all these various tokens from a multitude of different platforms.

Kyber Network is solving this challenge through an on-chain liquidity platform that allows seamless decentralized token swaps. This makes it possible to trade and use any coin anywhere. Users can simply buy and sell their respective coins through decentralized exchanges in one transaction.

Why Invest in Kyber Network?

Kyber is built for speed and convenience. The Kyber network will transform the e-commerce industry by making it easy for users to pay for goods and services using any Kyber supported ERC-20 token and for merchants to receive payment in their chosen token.

Kyber is also the first exchange to use a permission-less order book reserve, which promotes faster transactions since there is no need to wait for a response from the reserve operator.

Kyber’s innovative approach to liquidity and its applications in e-commerce will undoubtedly build KNC’s value, making it a very profitable investment in the near future.

Team: Kyber has a team of rock star developers who have experience in creating smart contract platforms.

Github Updates: The Kyber Github development page is updated on a monthly basis.

QuarkChain (QKC)

quarkchain cryptocurrency coin reviewLaunched in 2018, QuarkChain is moving blockchain to the next generation by solving the low capacity and scalability problems that face current decentralized networks.

The demand for blockchain technology has increased in recent years as more use cases emerge. However, even major decentralized networks have not been able to securely implement the high number of transactions that most centralized systems handle. Quarkchain is looking to solve this problem with a network that can support up to 100,000 transactions per second.

Why You Should Keep an Eye on Quarkchain?

The Quarkchain network is highly scalable, a feature lacking in many blockchain projects. The platform is capable of handling thousands of transactions without an expensive supernode. Quarkchain utilizes clusters of cheap nodes to ensure the system remains decentralized while being able to handle a higher number of transactions at extremely low costs

With the ability to be highly scalable, Quarkchain will easily discover applications in the IoT sector.

These features, as well as the recent launch of the QuarkChain Mainnet Singularity V1.0, make the network one of the best blockchains in the market; therefore, a worthy investment.

Team: The Quarkchain team is composed of a diverse team of engineers, professors from top universities, business developers and marketing experts. The company’s CEO, Qi Zhou is a former Google and Facebook employee and is an expert in large scale distribution and high performance systems.

Github Updates: Quarkchain has an active team of developers who regularly post development updates.

Metadium (META)

metadium cryptocurrency ico review coinFounded in 2018, Metadium is a self-sovereign identity ecosystem built on blockchain. It’s a platform where users can directly create, manage, store, and control their personal data.

Digital identity is one of the most applicable use cases for blockchain technology. With multinational companies facing serious data privacy and data security issues, the need for a self-sovereign identity model has never been more pronounced

Why You Should Keep an Eye on Metadium

One of Metadium’s most innovative products is the META ID technology, which allows users to have control “over how, when and where their data is shared.” This technology has caught the attention of various institutional investors, who’ve invested their money to support the company’s development efforts.

The Metadium identity service is also set to be launched in the form of a mobile application later during the year. This release is likely to promote increased adoption of the META coin, which may result in an exponential increase in value.

As more companies look for a secure identity and data management system, an investment in Metadium could pay off in exponential profits in the future.

Groestlcoin (GRS)

groestlcoin grs cryptocurrency coin review icoLaunched in 2014, Groestlcoin is one of those well kept secrets in the cryptocurrency market. It is a digital peer-to-peer privacy oriented payment system with almost ZERO transactional fees.

The coin differs from other transactional cryptocurrencies due to its lightning network speed, low fees, and full anonymity which comes with its private wallet (Samourai).

Why Invest in Groestlcoin?

The world of blockchain is constantly evolving. Coins that can keep up with these trends are the ones that survive. Groestlcoin is one of these coins. The Groestlcoin development team releases updates every three months, making it one of the most advanced coins on the market.

Groestlcoin has also had several significant “firsts” including being the first coin to implement SEGWIT in 2017. It was also the first cryptocurrency to perform a lightning network transaction, which has given users the ability to make instant payments at lower costs.

Furthermore, Groestlcoin has some of the lowest transaction fees in the crypto space. Sending 10000 GRS (approximately 0.5 BTC) costs between $0.00007 – $0.0003.

Consistent development updates, superfast transactions, and the almost zero transaction fees are some of the reasons this micro cap coin is likely to experience exponential growth in 2019 and beyond.

Team: The Groestlcoin development team has been highly active for quite some time, and releases updates every three months.

Cortex (CTXC)

cortex coin cryptocurrency ico review ctxcCortex is an autonomous artificial intelligence system built on the Cortex public blockchain. AI algorithms are built into the network, meaning that anyone can use the platform to add AI to smart contracts. Users can also use the Cortex public blockchain to post tasks and submit AI DApps.

By combining blockchain and AI, Cortex is helping to expand the potential for smart contracts and their associated projects. AI-powered smart contracts will be able to respond to external signals and evolve with little to no human intervention, meaning that organizations can save on high cost computation resources.

Why You Should Keep an Eye on Cortex?

If you’re a techy like me, you know that AI is the future. Although there are other projects focusing on AI and blockchain, Cortex caught my eye because of its ability to allow machine learning researchers to upload well trained data models to the public blockchain. In doing so, Cortex is looking to create a collaborative ecosystem for AI and blockchain development, and in the process develop its own Artificial Generated Intelligence (AGI)

This project will find uses in the enhanced data privacy sector, simulations, financial services, and information science industries, making it a worthy long-term investment.

Team & Advisors: Large team of developers with rockstar advisors.

Github Update: Very active Github page with daily updates.

Cred (LBA)

Credcred coin cryptocurrency tech ico review investment is a decentralized lending platform that is providing crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto loans. Users can borrow BTC, ETH, USD, Euros, and other fiat currencies and use their crypto assets as collateral.

Cred is also a passive earning platform for crypto holders. Users lend their digital assets or fiat to Cred and earn interest after every three months.

Why Invest in Cred?

Blockchain lending is giving banks a run for their money. With over a third of the world’s population being unbanked, crypto-asset lending platforms have become an emerging market valued at over $30 billion. Platforms such as Cred are quickly gaining popularity in both developed and under-developed countries

Although there are many p2p lending platforms, Cred has several unique features that make it a promising investment. The development team is comprised of former PayPal employees with tons of experience in the financial industry. Cred has also partnered with different companies, including identity validators and exchanges, to streamline its services.

Cred also has the smallest market cap among its competitors which make its price swings much more appealing to swing traders.

These abnormalities are what give Cred the potential for exponential growth in the near future.

Team: The Cred team is composed of former PayPal employees.

Github Update: Very active Github page.


never fomo cryptocurrency micro cap coinsAll micro cap coins mentioned above have the potential for global adoption. They all have real world uses in emerging and existing industries. They are priced relatively low, so you don’t have to invest a ton of money to enjoy massive profits when the bars turn green. Ensure you buy early and only during massive dips to avoid buying during the FOMO rallies.

Also understand that these are not the only micro cap coins with moonshot promises. Feel free to look around and if a coin interests you invest….. but only after doing your own due diligence.

If you have any other micro cap coins that you like to add to the list, please comment below as I’d love to hear about them.

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Beginners Guide to Investing in Micro Cap Coins

beginners guide to investing in micro cap altcoins

Are you currently looking to spice up your crypto trading portfolio? Come across a relatively new coin with a high potential for growth? Like many other traders, you’re wary about investing in micro cap coins being that they are potentially the riskiest assets in the crypto space. However, if you have a high-risk appetite and the right trading strategy to boot, you can generate a small fortune trading these small but profitable altcoins.

Within this beginners guide, I’ll outline a basic step by step process in order to best help you get acclimated to both trading and investing micro coins.

Let’s start out with…

What are Micro Cap Coins?

Micro cap coins are cryptocurrencies with a rather small market capitalization, usually below $50 million. Investing in these altcoins is risky, but at the same time, it’s also a very profitable way to earn off cryptocurrencies in a rather short amount of time.

Micro cap altcoins are like penny stocks. They have the potential for big rewards but are also prone to an increased risk of greater than average losses. Some may consider micro caps as being more riskier than penny stocks due to the high volatility, however, if you know how to pick the right chart (which is over half the work), the risk is relatively low.

What are the Pros and Cons of Micro Cap Coins?


The upside to micro cap coins is their potential for massive profit within a relatively short amount of time. If you’ve decided to invest in a micro cap early enough in its development stages, you’ll experience the potential of exponentially profiting from your initial investment. Being an early investor (or even swing trader) also means you don’t have to invest a ton of your own money in a project in order to enjoy high returns.

Also worth noting, analyzing micro cap coins is a bit easier of a process due to the fact that these small cap altcoins are often unknown to many traders, which means you have less competition when buying and selling the coins.


Investing in micro cap coins puts you at a higher risk of being scammed (again, if you’re in it for the long haul). However, if you’re trading these coins for a relatively short amount of time (a few weeks to a few months) you don’t really need to worry as much about this scenario. If you don’t conduct proper research (due diligence) into your preferred coin, you may end up losing your money once the crypto company decides to exit the market along with all your investment capital.

Like any other business, crypto-based start-ups are at risk of failing. The risk of developer abandonment in micro caps is relatively high, so if you’re going to, invest, make sure your research on the development team is extensive.

Another disadvantage of micro caps is the lack of liquidity. Low liquidity limits your ability to buy or sell a full position in a single trade. In case there’s a dump, you’re at a higher risk of losing your money due to this inability to sell a full position at once.

As an investor, you want to make sure that you’re spreading out your investment across multiple micro cap coins in order to spread out the risk and avoid having too much of your capital stuck in a coin that suffers from low liquidity.

NOTE: As a swing trader, you typically only want to trade with 1-3% of the coins daily trading volume. For example, if your micro cap coin is trading at around 25 BTC per day, 1% of that is 0.25 BTC (around $2k at the time of this post). Ensuring that you’re trading within this range will allow you to buy in and sell out of the coin whenever you like.

Micro Cap Volatility

Micro caps are highly volatile. This is what makes them so lucrative. Small market movements can have a significant effect on the price of a coin. Individual events can also have a considerable impact on the price of one of these smaller cap altcoins.

Profit margins of 100% – 350% within a few hours’ time are not unheard for micro cap coins. Most of these high profit returns come from pumps which generally take place over a rather short amount of time (a few minutes to a few hours).

Generally speaking, the reason behind most of these pumps is primarily due to:

  1. Behind the scene bid manipulation
  2. Pump and dump groups
  3. Social media hype
  4. Negative or very positive news about the coin

Now that you have a basic understanding about the risks and rewards of micro cap investing, let’s delve into how to integrate them into a very basic trading strategy.

Integrating Micro Caps into Your Investment Strategy

Before making any investment decision, do your homework. Choose projects that you believe have the potential for growth. Don’t simply buy into a project because of the social media hype. Conduct thorough research before buying any type of cryptocurrency, regardless of how big or small the market cap is.

Trading micro caps also requires patience. In most cases, you’ll purchase the coin(s) at a lower price by setting a buy limit order near a major support while setting an alert once that buy order is met (you can set alerts at TradingView).

Once your buy order is completed and your alert has been triggered, you want to immediately log in to your crypto exchange and set your sell order for the closest major resistance. While waiting for your sell order to be filled, keep up to date with any news regarding the coin (the coins Twitter account is a great resource).

Any sensitive news can trigger a price movement, and due to the low liquidity, you may experience massive losses or gains according to this news. Either way, make sure to set another alert once for your sell order completion.

Beginner's guide to investing in micro cap coins
Creating an alert on Trading View

One rule of thumb when trading micro caps is to never put all your eggs in one basket. When investing, expect that over 80% of these investments to fail. However, the remaining 20% will result in most if not all of your profit.

Don’t make micro caps the entire basis of your investment strategy. Try and diversify your cryptocurrency investments among both micro cap and larger market cap coins like Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, etc.

How to Choose Micro Caps with High Growth Potential

Most of your investment decisions are often speculations based upon research on the potential for exponential growth. Other than your gut feeling and logic, there are other factors that you should consider before buying into a micro cap coin.

1.      Does the Coin Have any Innovative Features?

In our fast-paced world of technology, many projects fade away into the tech abyss due to outdated or unpractical use cases. Cryptocurrencies are no exception. When choosing a micro cap coin, look for one with multiple use cases, as these have a much higher chance of success.

Also ensure that the company behind the micro cap coin is at least in the development stages of the technology and offers proof of this through regular GitHub updates. Note, there are a lot of cryptocurrency websites with “fluff material” so a GitHub development page goes a long way to show the progress of the company’s goals.

2.      Are People on Social Media Talking About It?

Another indicator of a project’s potential is the community and user base. Coins with high growth potential have high forum activity. They also have a community of users and active developers constantly promoting the coin. Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and the altcoin section of Bitcointalk are all great places to get a sense of a coin’s community engagement.

3.      What is the Circulating Supply of the Altcoin?

Circulating supply is the total amount of coins available for sale right now. Websites such as Coinmarketcap are useful tools for tracking the number of coins in the market at a particular time.

Coins with a low circulation supply tend to be in high demand and are priced at a much higher rate. A coin with a small circulating supply has a higher chance of experiencing a rapid increase in price.

When deciding to invest or trade a micro cap, always choose the one that has fewer coins in supply.

4.      What is the Micro cap’s 24-hour Trading Volume?

Trading volume is the total number of coins bought or sold through an exchange. When deciding on a micro cap coin, choose one with trading margins above 2% of the market cap within 24 hours.

Also as a general rule of thumb mentioned above, if you plan on swing trading a micro cap, make sure that you’re only investing in 1% – 3% of the average 24 hour volume. This ensures that you can get in and out of a position quickly.

How to Profit From Micro Cap Trading

Look for Breakouts

There are a plethora of strategies for trading micro cap coins. One such strategy is to purchase the micro cap based upon a “breakout” of a major resistance. Always be on the lookout for signs that a coin is breaking out of its current price channel. You can set TradingView alerts in order to notify you of these breakouts. A breakout can be the start of either a bull run or an indicator of a pump.


Following the Pumps

Price manipulation is common within the crypto ecosystem. In 2018, there were thousands of pump and dumps. This is also frequent in penny stocks as well, but who’s to say you can’t take advantage of these fraudulent events?

If you can spot a potential pump in advance, they can be extremely profitable. The only legit way of doing this is by trying to discover an upsurge of PR and spam emails promoting a micro cap coin. This is often a warning sign that a pump is imminent.

You can do this by setting up twitter alerts as well as follow the company’s twitter profile for notifications. If you’re quick enough, you’ll be able to catch most of the pump once the release of information has been posted on their twitter account.

Another common way of detecting pumps is by analyzing charts and recognizing gaps of time in between each pump. For example, analyzing a chart that has had 2 – 3 pumps with a 7 – 9 day gap in between them has a high chance of occurring again.

From there, you would simply place a buy order on the fifth or sixth day (near support) and wait for the same pattern to emerge. Patience is key for this strategy to pay off.

Using Technical Analysis Indicators

Technical indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Averages, and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) can help you predict whether a coin is going through a bearish or bullish trend. Obviously, you want to stay away from any coin that has been experiencing an extended bearish trend.


Trading micro cap coins isn’t for everyone. You need to have a high tolerance of risk, unbridled patience, and an ability to react quickly to unforeseen situations. However, with all that said, the risk can definitely pay off in spades.

If you’re up to the risky endeavor, diversifying your crypto portfolio with these highly lucrative coins can result in exponential returns, within a rather short amount of time.

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Top 4 Reasons why Monero’s CLSAG is a Pretty big Deal

Top 4 Reasons why Monero’s CLSAG is a Pretty big Deal

Alot of improvements can be made when it comes to the current cryptocurrency projects on the market. Every single project is far from as streamlined as it could be.

For Monero, there are new development son the horizon which might help reduce transaction sizes and fees even further. Known as CLSAG, the idea currently exists in the form of a paper which has not been peer-reviewed as of yet.


Although the full name of this proposal is quite the mouthful, it will be referred to as CLSAG. This is a new proposal submitted by the Monero Research Lab researchers in collaboration with other parties. While Monero is a growing popular cryptocurrency due to its anonymity and privacy, it too can benefit a lot form ongoing developments and improvements. Luckily, this project has undergone some major changes recently which make the entire project a lot more efficient.

This new development would be a step up from the current MLSAG solution which takes care of handling the project’s ring signatures. While that in itself has some big improvements of its own, it was merely a stepping stone for further research. Albeit this is just a preprint paper at this time, there is a lot of genuine excitement among community members. Everyone wants to see if this idea can be “ported” to XMR and how it would affect the overall project.


Most cryptocurrencies on the market today suffer from two key problems. The first one comes in the form of not being able to squeeze sufficient amounts of transactions into every network block. Monero is looking to solve that problem by further reducing the transaction size, which is one of the main improvements CLSAG has to offer. It is expected the transaction size could drop by up to 25%, which is rather impressive.

The other prominent development brought to the table by CLSAG comes in the form of reducing network transaction fees. One has to keep in mind Monero will never be a feeless cryptocurrency, nor should it be. However, any reduction in overall fees will always please a lot of users, primarily because transaction fees are always a subject of debate in this industry.  It remains to be seen how much fees will be reduced by, but any improvement will be welcomed with open arms.


Just because this concept is present as a preprint doesn’t necessarily mean it will be turned into working code for Monero right away. As mentioned before, the preprint has not been peer reviewed as of yet, although that will not necessarily pose any big problems. Auditing teams are not overly difficult to come by, albeit both the mathematics and code need to be vetted thoroughly.

Assuming none of that would pose any problems, it might be relatively easy to implement CLSAG in quick succession. There is no major requirement in terms of additional code, which would allow developers to whip up a test version of this concept in rather quick succession. If implemented, the new ring signatures might not be compatible with current hardware wallet standards, thus new solutions need to be found in that regard as well.


Monero received a lot of attention when the previous major change to ring signatures was introduced. Albeit the transaction size and fee reduction were a lot greater when that solution was implemented, it is evident the developers are still looking for ways to make things better in the future. With these two changes coming in relatively quick succession of one another, there is a genuine chance CLSAG will not be the final iteration of ring signatures where Monero is concerned.

Ethereum’s future is bright

Ethereum’s future is bright

While the Ether course bravely keeps above the $ 250 mark, the Ethereum Foundation is struggling to develop its own ecosystem. She has published a roadmap presenting her plans for the next 12 months: the future of Ethereum.

As the Ethereum Foundation announces on its blog, the project with the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is facing far-reaching changes. Thus, the team first of all wants to put money into the internal and external development of the project:

Next year, the Ethereum Foundation plans to spend $ 30 million on [key] projects in the ecosystem. This budget is independent of falling ETH share price movements.

According to the announcement, the development team wants to build “the ethereum of tomorrow”. These include the following innovations:

ETH 2.0: Client Teams, Research, VDF (Verifiable Delay Function), Documentation and Communication
Layer 2: State Channels & Plasma
the work on the eWASM project
Smart Contract languages
Verification, monitoring and specification of work processes
Research and development of Zero-Knowledge incl. ZoKrates
Research and development of Ethereums “Phase 3 and beyond”
direct collaboration with academic institutions and the involvement of extraordinary research talent

Without further elaborating on these plans, the crypto project intends to further develop the existing implications of the technology. The plan is to make sure that Ethereum remains “the world’s leading smart contract platform.” The team plans to spend a total of US $ 8 million next year.

Top 3 Best Crypto Exchanges for Trading Small Cap Altcoins


While Bitcoin usually dominates the discussion around cryptocurrency prices, many choose to buy, sell, and trade altcoins like Ethereum, Monero, or DASH in the hopes of finding the right coin at the right time.

Altcoin trading can prove difficult due to often confusing and seemingly random price swings.

Price movements of altcoins can be tied to each other and to Bitcoin (an inverse relationship). This can make trading difficult when emotions run high or when Bitcoin is dumped.

Still, industrious traders who have a profit target and a stop loss to mitigate substantial loss can often survive turbulent market conditions.

High-trafficked and profitable cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and KuCoin are popular destinations for those looking to trade altcoins due to relatively simple interfaces and an abundance of coins.

Let’s take a look at Binance, Bittrex, and KuCoin, as they are some of the more profitable crypto exchanges for trading altcoins.

Binance: Still the World’s Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Altcoin Trading


Binance, which made headlines after moving its headquarters to the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta, remains a popular choice for altcoin traders.

The platform offers two different trading experiences, one for basic users, and one with in-depth technical analysis for more experienced traders.

Many describe the Binance trading process as relatively seamless. The exchange has attracted praise for its wide variety of coins. This includes well-known altcoins like EOS, Dash, Litecoin, NEO, Zcash, and Ripple, alongside a wide variety of trading pairs in BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNB.

Smaller volume altcoins which are traded frequently include Syscoin, Ardor, Ren, OST, and Agrello. The exchange also has a strong reputation for supporting coins that fork and pays these forked coins out very quickly.

Binance does not have deposit fees, and the exchange has a general 0.1% trading fee. The use of Binance Coin (BNB) for transactions activates a trading fee discount. Other exchanges like Bittrex and Bitstamp charge a much larger 0.25% per trade.

Withdrawal fees do vary, but all of them are pretty low. Users who withdraw Ethereum are charged 0.01 ETH, while Ripple withdrawals incur a 0.25 XRP charge.

Binance’s popularity and profitability are bolstered by strong security measures. While an attempted hack was carried out in March 2018, the exchange’s automated systems managed to catch the scheme before it was fully carried out.

The exchange’s security system drew praise from many in the cryptocurrency community since no users lost funds in the attempted hack.

Bittrex: Based in the USA, Quickly Growing Across The Globe


 Bittrex is one of the globe’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exchange was founded by Bill Shihara, who drew on experience at Amazon and Blackberry in order to build a reliable and secure platform.

Altcoin traders who use Bittrex have access to hundreds of coins as well as trading pairs. The exchange is a popular destination for proof-of-work coins and hosts a wide variety of smaller volume cryptocurrencies like Peercoin, GoldCoin, TenX, and Pundi X.

Fees for Bittrex are a flat 0.25% for any trade. This figure is roughly around the same as other more established exchanges except Binance. If you plan on day trading however, this could pose a potential drawback for high volume altcoin traders.

One notable aspect of Bittrex is its location in the United States. The exchange is committed to following any rules and regulations stipulated by government entities. As a result, Bittrex has an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) program that divides accounts into two tiers.

Basic accounts, which just ask for a name, address, and birthday, can withdraw up to 3 BTC worth of crypto each day if two-factor authentication is activated. The verification process is said to be faster than many other exchanges.

Traders who want to withdraw up to 100 BTC of crypto each day must have two-factor authentication and are required to send in scans of selfies and identifying documents.

However, Bittrex’s location in the United States has led it to delist a number of suspected security coins over the last few months. This has hurt the exchange’s market position and limits the number of altcoin options.

The exchange also has a large number of stablecoin to altcoin trading pairs. Trading pairs include altcoins to Tether like BCH/USDT and DASH/USDT.

Overall, Bittrex is a popular trading platform for those interested in proof-of-work altcoins and traders looking for an easy-to-navigate user interface.

KuCoin: The “New Kid on the Block” – Best Micro Cap Trading Exchange

KuCoin, with a headquarters in Singapore, is a relatively new player to the exchange scene. Its research and development team were formed in May 2017. Version 1.0 of the exchange went live in August of the same year.

Altcoin traders who use KuCoin have just over 400 live markets to choose from. KuCoin does not support fiat, but altcoin traders looking for stability can choose from a number of USDT pairs. The KuCoin exchange offers a number of ERC20 tokens like KCS, OMG, and DADI.

The exchange is also popular for its large number of microcap altcoins like Power Ledger (POWR) and Kyber Network (KNC). Lots of microcap altcoins give traders with smaller accounts a great chance to build up their cryptocurrency stash.

Trading fees on the exchange rest at 0.1. There are no transaction fees, and KuCoin adjusts withdrawal fees based on the cryptocurrency’s market performance.

GAS and NEO have no withdrawal fees provided the trader meets the minimum withdrawal amount. Users who hold KCS (KuCoin Share) can get trading fee discounts of up to 30%.

Active altcoin traders find KuCoin’s fee distribution structure advantageous. The exchange holds onto just about 10% of collected fees. 50% gets distributed back to users who hold KCS as a ‘KuCoin Bonus’. 40% of the collected fees are shared as invitation bonuses to the platform.

KuCoin also features a robust processing and security system for traders. All micro-withdrawal wallets are stored in a network architecture built with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. This lets wallets take advantage of AWS’ robust firewall.

Altcoin traders who use KuCoin are often drawn to the abundant amount of bonuses, the wide number of altcoins, and the speed of the core trading engine that has a peak trading order completion of 2 million+/second.

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The Top 3 Altcoin Exchanges for Great Account Building Coins


All three exchanges offer a wide variety of altcoins, give traders aesthetically pleasing user experiences, and provide industry-leading security features.

Altcoin traders who are ready to start buying and selling should approach each trade with a solid strategy and not be afraid to sit back and hodl for a bit if necessary. Taking the time to learn the markets well and doing your due diligence with researching coins can set traders up for success.